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As the creative person, I am always thinking of new book ideas to write in the future. I have written so many titles but they are not ready to be published. Unfortunately I do not have the time to write them all at my leisure. To solve this problem, I am leaving the decision making up to you as my readers. If you have enjoyed my past published works, I can keep you posted of all of the latest projects I have coming soon. But this time you get to tell me which book I should publish next base on your votes and likes. The titles will be numbered and posted on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Base on your feedback via email and likes, that will determine if I should start working on that title next.

You will get to read the unofficial title and a short description of the book’s subject matter. After reviewing all of your feedback and sign of interest, I will email everyone the next book project that I will be working on. Upon its completion I will notify you of the book’s upcoming release date. As a thank you for your participation and contribution, I will email you an instant discount code during the pre-order period off the softcover purchase price via email to use when you buy it directly from one of my designated websites or from F.M.P. And as an additional bonus to you when you pre-order, you instantly get a PDF copy of my book before it is available to the public for free. After the promotion / pre-order period is over everyone will have to then pay $2.99 for the PDF version and full price for the published book.

Sign up no, and make me write your favorite title today!

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