Pages from My Heart Vol1

Poetic Imagery in Motion Vol. 1

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Poetic Imagery in Motion presents a collection of love poems, spoken words, and spiritual poems that Dimitry Frederique has been writing since he was in high school. This book details his journey for love from a male’s perspective. This book is filled with very passionate poems that attracts the senses and speaks to the soul.   As a philosopher, he brings to you a unique perspective on life and the viewpoints in which he sees the world. He has always written spoken word poems from a third party point of view-always seeking to understand that person’s pain, struggle, and our human ability to love despite all else.
Having been raised as a Catholic and now a practicing Christian, Dimitry brings you a different outlook on life, love, and the afterlife. All of his spiritual poems have been inspired by the loss of a loved one or someone close to him and his family. It is his hope that the spiritual path that God has called him to will bring you the reader comfort in the loss of someone dear to you. Time and time again, Dimitry has found inspiration to write and bring comfort to those who are in mourning during his trials and tribulations. Each spiritual poem was written with God on his mind, soul, and heart. He knows that God will never forsake us in our time of need.
When asked how he would describe his form of writing, he states “It is my belief that each poem written is in fact a page from my heart and the life that I have lived – filled with love and wisdom. I was born out of love and want to leave this world sharing with you a piece of that love every day. I love writing poetry that addresses the matters of the heart.”
It is his belief that each poem written has a story behind it and a life of its own that can be expressed visually. Pages from My Heart is his first step in bringing that to life with the premise of bringing out a visual imagery that can come alive in your mind. It is also his first set of published work. His life’s goal is to bring all published work to life visually, through animation and the use of all the senses.

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