Small Business Consulting:

  • We look at the needs of your business
  • Focus on positioning your business towards emerging markets.
  • Learning to diversify your business within those emerging markets.

Marketing & Advertising:

  • Using Social Media Marketing
  • Streaming video
  • Effective partnerships

Tweaking your Business:

  • Business Evaluation
  • Learning to modernize your business with technology.
  • Learn basic steps towards improving functionality.

Book Publishing & Consulting Services:

  • What you should know before you write your first book.
  • Finding resources
  • Learning to outsource your projects.
  • Multimedia DVD setup.

Video Marketing:

  • Creating promotions
  • Setting up webinars
  • Using video conferences

Justice of the Peace wedding Services:

  • Available in partnership with Blissfull Moments
  • Video Mail wedding announcement
  • Record your wedding
  • Recorded video with music theme selection (optional)
  • Take pictures
  • Private viewing of recorded wedding (by request only)
  • 1 DVD copy

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