BKCover1   Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? Part 1


Are you working for money or to leave a legacy?
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Have you ever asked yourself that age old question, what is the meaning of life or even your life? Do we all have a purpose on Earth? These are the questions that shape our beliefs. They also shape our morals and values. Nevertheless the economic environment in which we were born into plays a role in the direction our lives take to find those answers. Many of us seek meaning through work, survival, and education while trying to make sense of a world dominated by money and power. What do you do when all is taken away from you and your inner peace of mind is stripped from underneath your feet and you are forced to start over? We are all seeking freedom but how we each go about achieving it reveals how economically divided we are from one another. Most importantly it reveals our false sense of security when we don’t even know our his/tory.
Why entrepreneurship is broken up into three parts and gives you hundreds of reasons for why you need to become an entrepreneur in the 21st century instead of being a business owner or an employee. This book brings together life’s every day struggles and helps you make sense as to why you are financially strap, losing your job, and your state is facing a high unemployment rate as concerns of job security lingers on. Other topics discussed are immigration, teenage pregnancy, politics, network marketing, pensions, 401K, the future of housing and why many will not be able to retire in the coming years. Furthermore this book is primarily geared towards the baby boomer generation and the aftermath of what is to come as 78 million baby boomers begin to retire in the tens of thousands per day.
Last but not least Why Entrepreneurship? What is IT All About? is filled with inspirational verses from the Bible as a reminder of how God wanted us to live and nurture the only planet we call home. The scripture references give us a glance at what is possible through God’s eyes and is a motivator for why we are all called to be entrepreneurs to do his will and not our own.
Why entrepreneurship will motivate you and inspire you to revisit your childhood dreams to find the missing piece to your happiness.


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